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Empathic support as you need it to learn about yourself and focus on just you. 


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What we do

Counselling services to help you be your best self

Find Focus Therapy is proud to help you live your best life and focus on what you need to understand about yourself.  We’re committed to work with you to help your self awareness. Good mental health and resilience is something we all strive to achieve.Our non judgmental empathic approach will enable you to find a clearer path to your ultimate goals. 

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aim to respond within 24/48 hours, however this may be longer over weekends and bank holiday periods. 

All correspondence will be treated with the 

utmost respect and confidentiality.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Having an outside perspective can help you to make sense of things in ways you might not have considered for yourself. Counselling provides a space where you can say out loud many of those things you don’t want to say to others for fear of worrying them, burdening them or because you worry they will judge you. 

I am not here to judge, or tell you what to do. I am here to support you in working out what it is you want.I understand making that first step is scary.

It can be difficult to know where to turn for help, or even to believe that things can get better. You might find that you are so weighed down by situations that you do not know where to start in order to make the changes which will ease things. Counselling can help with this, can help you see where you might make changes, challenge your current thinking and help break the cycle and move forward with your life.

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